How do I sign-up to NeuTrafiX?

On webpage, click on sign-up and complete the application form. Upload the required KYC documents and click submit. NeuTrafiX will automatically send you a digital contract for you to sign to complete the application.

How long does it take to approve my application?

Typically, it takes between 24 to 48 hours. Our finance team reviews each application to ensure each applicant is a legitimate entity to protect the members of the marketplace from potential fraudulent or potentially money laundering activities.

I am an Enterprise based in Buenos Aires. Can I join NeuTrafiX?

Yes. NeuTrafiX operates globally and any company with a requirement for Voice, SMS or Virtual Numbers can join and buy from many available Sellers in the marketplace.

What payment methods are available for a Buyer?

NeuTrafiX accepts all major payment methods including wire transfer, credit cards and Paypal. We will be adding other payment options including cryptocurrency in the near future.

Do I need to sign agreements with Sellers I wish to buy from if I am a member of NeuTrafiX?

No. That is the unique proposition of NeuTrafiX where a single contract with us will allow you to have access to many Sellers in the marketplace without having to go through the hassle of contract negotiation and interconnects.

How easy it is to interconnect with NeuTrafiX and what protocols do you support?

Interconnecting with NeuTrafiX is super easy and can be done within minutes. We support SMPP, SIP and HTTP API for voice and SMS respectively.

What currency do you presently support?

Currently, we support USD for all our transactions.

How safe is my money if I prepay into NeuTrafiX account?

NeuTrafiX is a service operated by Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Hongkong) Limited, a subsidiary member of PT. Telkom Indonesia. PT Telkom Indonesia is publicly traded company in both Indonesia and NYSE.

Will I be able to see my transactions in the portal?

Yes, Neutrafix is a real-time billing platform where all transactions are recorded in real-time and wallets reflect real-time balances.

Can I contact the Seller if I have any questions before I buy?

NeuTrafiX operates on a full transparent PAYG model where we provide a messaging tools in our portal for members to communicate with each other.

Can you tell me more about "Private Exchange"?

Private Exchange is a premium feature that allows a Seller to invite and sell routes to specific Buyer(s) where rates and destination transacted will be confidential between the Seller and the invited Buyers.

Are there any membership fees to join NeuTrafiX?

No. NeuTrafiX doesn’t charge any membership or subscription fees to join. NeuTrafiX works on PAYG model where fees are transparent and chargeable to a Seller.

Do you charge for the "Anonymous" feature?

Anonymity is a premium feature that allows a Seller to remain anonymous when offering their routes in the public marketplace. At launch, ALL premium features are FREE so do take advantage of it.

Do you provide training to use NeuTrafiX?

NeuTrafiX is designed to be a self-serve marketplace. We provide video tutorials on our YouTube channel as well as many written instructions in our knowledge base library.